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Mavaray Story

Mavara+Ray = Mava[Ra]y = Mavaray


Mavara in the Persian means better, higher, superior, ultra and greater.
Ray in the Persian means an idea, think, wise and smart.
The combination of these two names become “Mavaray” which means ultra-smart.

Mavaray branding agency has tried to improve Iran’s business environment based on its branding knowledge and experience since 2013.

We are specialists


Branding plays an important role in succeeding of businesses. Nowadays gigantic corporations devise their branding strategies based on their focused organizational goals and we are here to help you to get to your target.


Every single person is seeking the best product and service amongst the varieties of brands, and so on advertising properly will get you to your targeted customers. Advertising plays a key role to develop your brand and catch more share of the market.


Mavaray has to offer the best and highest quality services in the field of branding to record this competitive advantage in the minds of customers definitively.


Becoming the 1st top branding and advertising agency of Iran, which is known for its creative solutions mid with satisfied and loyal customers until 1400 SH.


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Mavaray Naming

One of our specialties is naming, we do believe that naming is the one and first factors that make a brand powerful and meaningful.

First sensory layer

Mavara (means ultra) + Ray (means smart) is our first layer of sense that means ultra-smart.

Second sensory layer

Ma (means us) + Va (means and) + Ray (means ultra) is our second layer of sense that means we are smart and wise.

Corporate Identity

Mavaray Team

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