Mavaray agency, with the mission of designing and implementing creative advertising campaigns with backgrounds and experience in the field of advertising, communications and campaign development, is active. We attract advertising specialists, creative designers and advertising-to-date methods, organizations and businesses to obtain powerful and unique place we go along. Mavaray beyond, based on a parametric master all the elements and the demands of brand and market assessment is based on goals, programs and marketing strategies and branding your strategy and campaign creative for a growing share of the market. and the share of the brand offers. Of course all these activities, the first step of a multistage model is ubiquitous in advertising by creating ads or Total advertising is used in Mavaray agency. After writing campaign, the next steps to implement a creative campaign designed by our experts and co-director of marketing, advertising and branding of each organization will come into force.

Designing Creative Advertising Campaigns

Graphic Design

Sampling And Promotion

Exhibitions and Conferences

Advertising and industrial photography

Idea Generation And Scenario Planning

Digital Print

Advertising in Newspapers and Magazines

Media Monitoring and Management

Production and import of promotional gifts

Teaser production

Printing and binding

Outdoor advertising

Advertising Consulting

Creating Characters

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