Mavaray agency is active, with a mission to design and brand development backgrounds and experience in the field of advertising, communication and brand identity. We attract professionals with branding and creative design and with updated branding, organizations and businesses to obtain powerful and unique place we go along. Mavaray agency, based on a parametric comprehensive, all elements of brand association and its performance in the past has analyzed the current position to assess it, and based on the objectives, plans and strategies, marketing, strategy, creative development and offers brand development. Of course all these activities are supposed as , the first step in a multistage model of branding by creating a comprehensive brand which Mavaray team is using. After a suitable place, the next steps are build by our specialists design and co-director of marketing, advertising and branding of each organization will come into force.

Integrated Enterprise Identity

The design and development of integrated preservation of identity document consistent brand personality in the eyes of the audience. The key point in this valley of fitness components and elements of its brand. So in building the identity of a brand, what is essential, the proportion of its components is not the highest and best design in some elements of our and other parts of the left and the identity Patchwork do we and the other identity document integration rules define organizational aspects of visual, verbal and behavioral brand integration gives appropriateness.

Great and Creative Ideas

Each brand needs attractive and creative ideas comparing to the other components and here in Mavaray group in order to discover the needs and create great and creative ideas we are beside you to internalize them in your costumers’’ minds forever.


These days, packaging is just the conservation and division but rather an added value to the product turned, deny the role of packaging in consumer decision making in place of purchase is impossible, a packaging bad can the customer buy dissuade a packaging medium can be easily lost the game to the opponent and the store layout is lost.

Eventual branding

Branding event included activities where the event is held to introduce the brand and brand development. These gatherings may serve to introduce a new brand or another brand is introducing a new brand in the subset.

Brand consulting and brand development

Since all businesses work in line with the fundamental strategy of survival and development the aim of the design and brand consulting to increase the share of brand development and brand penetration in the audience than the competition.

Media planning

– Choosing Media
– Timing Media


– Naming
– Develop a corporate slogan

Brand Architecture

– Logo design and stationery sets
– Design outdoor advertising structure
– Design of print ads
– Promotion of structure design

Design Brand Strategy

– Positioning the brand
– Brand message
– Illustration brand

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