Avicenna Academy

By admin 11 months ago

Project Description

The Avicenna International Academy is an educational institution in Budapest of Hungary, with its 25-year history of its own, has decided to formally begin its activities in Iran. Avicenna intends to develop and use a brand-specific Brandbook aimed at raising its brand awareness and integrating into its organizational factors.

Our Solutions

 According to the Avicenna’s brief series, we arrive at four elements: Ibn Sina’s tomb, graduation hat, book and library, and bridge (the metaphor of the Avicenna Bridge is a success). Given the above elements, the logo and Brandbook was designed.
Ultimately, Avicenna’s organizational color was used from two blue spots, indicating trust, honesty, and commitment.

Services provided

– Design of visual identity structure
– Logo design
– Color structure design
– Design brochure structure and catalog
– Design of banner structure, stand and environmental billboards
– Designing organizational reporting templates in Word and PowerPoint
– Principal requirements and general format of promotional gifts
– Designer clothing and corporate branded cars
– Define organizational font
– Design of office structure