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Lion Computer

Lion Computer

Business Analysis
Brand Architecture
Conceptual Identity
Brand Strategy Identity
Visual Identity
Print & Digital

"Lion Computer" online store has started its activity in the field of online sales of computer parts and later expanded to assembled and specialized computers as well as gaming systems. Due to major changes in the market, the development plans of the "Lion Computer" collection, as well as the need to unify the brand guide, the re-branding process of the Lyon collection was started and designed.

Lion Computer was prepared in 1400 with the aim of compiling business and brand strategy documents, as well as compiling and designing a new brand identity and considering new and development approaches with the cooperation of a team consisting of senior managers of Lion Computer and Mavray branding agency.

We want the name Lyon Computer to be the first choice in the minds of
our audience whenever there is talk of technology, with a focus on computers

Lion Monogram

Elements that have been combined under the name of
brand gene and created the final form; Also, the main
idea of the logo is inspired by the brand name and concept
of Lion.

Old Logo

New Logo

In this section, all the different parts of the logo are adjusted and designed, and a standard for the rest of the settings, such as the distance between the elements of the logo, etc., is taken into consideration, so that in all cases the structure is measured according to this standard.