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Barad is here: Our Kid-Friendly Office

School closures due to air pollution and now dangerously cold weather have brought significant disruptions to education as well as work. This condition is having a significant impact on all sectors of society. People are facing a very tough time particularly parents with jobs. It is a very difficult time for parents to find balance.

Parents are now struggling with online classes and with whom they should leave their children when they are at work. Those who cannot afford a babysitter, are inevitably forced to take a leave from work, which may cost them their jobs.

However, to reduce and reverse the long-term negative effects, some companies such as Deloitte, Salesforce Inc., HubSpot, and others have taken this matter as their social responsibility to create a family-friendly or kid-friendly office environment.

Here, at Mavaray we have also created a family-friendly environment so that Soheila, our accountant, can bring his son, Barad, to work. Barad can easily log into his online classes while his mom can do her job.

Barad’s full of life. During his recess, he sometimes challenges us with his 10-year-old questions about basically everything, which in a way keeps the team up-to-date

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