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Branding Project

The main challenge of this project is to create a unique brand identity which not only can reflect Iran's strong ancient history and culture, but also is able to show modernity.
Proposed by the CEO, the word and concept of "karvansaray" was brought into play. Later this concept was developed and brought to life.


Iran Center of Exchange

An original Iranian initiative,
a history of several thousand years,
in harmony with the concept
of Islamic economy,
a worthy, unique personality.

The plan of Khurshid Mansion has been used to achieve the motif form. This role of materials can be used in different parts such as (back of the letterhead, the structure of handbags, etc.).

The Persian logotype
was extracted
based on the logic
and rules of the
researcher's handwriting

Logo Design

The naming, font and the sign are all derived from the concept of "carvansaray". Here "caravan" means a group of traders, pilgrims or other travellers, engaged in long-distance travel. The verbal identity Iran, Center of Exchange" is also sprunge from the main concept.

Features based on events and occasions.