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Shaping Future Impact

Innotechnic | Ai Event

Project Description

InnoTechnic is a series of events organized by the Central Bank of Iran and the National Informatics Company with the aim of solving the challenges in the banking industry and using scientific, research and academic capacities inside and outside the banking network to promote and develop this industry and also to complete the value chain of innovative actions of this The company is designed.

Central Bank Of Iran

National Informatics Corporation

NIC Holding



In the first step, we must give a criterion for correct judgment about the designs. Analyzing successful global experiences is a good way to create design criteria.

Analysis of prestigious global conferences and events

World Economic Forum and World Artificial Intelligence event (World Summit Ai) are two main criteria for innotech designs.
Simple designs with a smooth tone show more productivity in practice.
This is the main criterion for the design of the Innotech event.

Competent identity is an identity that inspires trust and dependability in the audience.

The various designs of our successful examples do not speak volumes, they have at least graphic elements.

How to write the title of the event is one of the things that must be decided.

A successful design should be able to have a defensible taste along with standard designs.

Use super graphics in portrait, landscape and square frames like this. It is possible to mirror the image according to the object, but the general placement can be this

The issue that must be observed is the placement of the first point of Peter inside the frame. The central circle is never out of the frame.